Happiness is Only a Thought Away

Positive thinking, self-growth, thinking yourself to success – so much has been said about these subjects, but is it really achievable?  The truth is that the power of our minds to influence our actions cannot be underestimated.

Not everybody believes or accepts the power of positive thinking.  But there is undeniable truth that negative thoughts, words and attitudes bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions.  Negativity breeds more negativity, a vicious, never-ending cycle that can only lead to failure, frustration and disappointment.  Conversely, positive thinking will do the exact opposite; positive thoughts lead to positive actions which lead to a happier, healthier, more successful life.

So how do we turn positive thinking into positive living?  The first step is to decide that you can be a more positive person.  Many people have trouble with this first step, coming up with all sorts of excuses (“I’m stuck in a lousy job”, “I’m never going to have a successful long-term relationship”, etc.) as to why they cannot be more positive.  But, know this, no matter what your life is like, choosing to be more positive is entirely your choice to make.

Next, you need to commit 100% to the idea of positive thinking and positive living.  Now this is harder than simply choosing to be positive.  This commitment requires you to remain positive even when things seem to be going wrong in every way possible.  The truth is that the most successful people are those who think, act and live their positive attitude.

Positive living requires commitment, persistence and hard work. But once you’ve trained your mind to habitually remove all negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, you will find yourself in a better position to achieve the success, happiness and the life you’ve always dreamed of.


About Helen Cockrell

Helen Cockrell is a retired USAF Officer, now an executive management consultant specializing in applying technology to enhance healthy aging. Helen Cockrell is a visionary, combining an extensive background in information systems and technology with deep expertise in aging and caregiver supportive services to provide innovative solutions addressing the challenges facing our Older Americans as they choose where they want to spend their "Greater Years". Helen Cockrell and her team specialize in providing a plan of appropriate technological and supportive services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. This plan may include eHealth solutions, medical monitoring technology, home health services, nutritional support, transportation support, community care such as senior center attendance or wellness counseling, and senior housing and residence options. Helen Cockrell is a Certified Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP) specializing in Affordable, Senior, and Disabilities housing as well as Historic Rehabilitation, Low Income Housing and New Markets Tax Credit programs. Helen Cockrell also blogs about healthy aging, wellness, elder care, senior housing, tax credit renovation programs and many other issues concerning Older Americans, their caregivers, family members and professional providers at helencockrellonagingwell.com and helencockrellonseniorhousing.com Helen Cockrell is a passionate advocate for improvement and funding for aging technology, aging services, and Veteran's Services, working diligently at all levels of government.
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